Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process if I choose to implement eGRACS On Demand?

Will I get help setting up my data?

How long will the initial setup take?

How is eGRACS ERM Suite priced?

Can I choose to buy just the Risk Manager or Project Manager module?

What do I need to access the eGRACS system?

What is the preferred Internet browser to use with eGRACS ERM Suite?

What mobile devices work with eGRACS ERM Suite?

Do I need to install or update the software?

How is the software updated?

How often is my eGRACS data backed up?

What if the systems hosting eGRACS ERM Suite fail?

Where is eGRACS On Demand hosted?

Is my data safe and secure?

Who have access to my data?

Can I import and export my data?

What training is provided?

What support is offered?

What work practices are supported?

Does eGRACS comes with a Warranty?

What is a Group, Module and Domain in eGRACS ERM Suite?

Why Zend Optimizer or ionCube Loader is needed to be installed for eGRACS On Premise?

After updating eGRACS On Premise to the latest version, some functionality seems to be not working?


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